Wunderlist Review

What todo application is best for you?  Read this Wunderlist review to find out if Wunderlist is right for you. 

There are three main things I want to talk about as to why I really enjoy using Wunderlist.  This is not meant to be a full review but more so a couple of things that I really like about Wunderlist.


Straight out of the box Wunderlist is completely free to use.  I love this fact because it made giving it a try very easy for me.  I was able to signup and download the application and start using it immediately without having to give them my credit card.  This is not a differentiator though since most applications have this freemium modal but it is definitely worth noting.

Works on All Devices and Browsers

Just like many other applications in todays world Wunderlist works on all devices and browsers so you do not have to worry about only using it on the web or on your phone.  It also comes with great desktop clients for Window and OS X.  I personally like to use the desktop client version of an application anyways, but if enjoy the browser experience you can do that as well 🙂

OS X Hotkeys


This may be a weird one but I am absolutely in love with the Wunderlist hotkey to create a new todo.  No matter what I am doing I am able to create a todo by clicking a few buttons.  This is be no means a revolution but it makes using Wunderlist a breeze and has also made me stop using Todoist.

Let me know your thoughts and if you agree.  Also please let me know of any other todo applications you are using right now.

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