WordPress Coding Standards

Coding standards are extremely important to me and how I do my work. I believe that writing code with a high level of readability is sometimes better than writing the fewest lines of code. Having a consistent ruleset for indentation, tabbing, spacing and commenting is fundamental to creating quality software that is maintainable and extensible with larger development teams.

WordPress Coding Standards

Since I am a WordPress developer I follow the coding standards that it has created.  This has dramatically improved the quality of code that I have been able to produce as well as teach me little nuances about code readability.  If you are a WordPress developers then you need to be using, or at least strongly considering, these standards when developing any site or plugin.

Real Time IDE Linting

The fastest and best way to lint your code to WordPress Coding Standards is to add a code sniffer to your IDE of choice.  I use Atom as my WordPress development IDE and I love how easy it is to add a real-time code sniffer to it.  Once you have this up and running you will be able to see any and all errors you have within the current file you are editing as you edit.  This makes it very easy for you to spot out errors as your type them and fix them 🙂

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