Wakeup Early and Work

Over the past years I have gotten myself on a rather early work schedule.  I believe that this has helped me to become more productive, efficient and much healthier.  So why does getting up eariler and working increase someone’s productivity?

My Thoughts on Productivity

Ever since I was young I noticed that when I did mentally challenging things at night my output was not optimal.  It was as if I had already spent all of my brain juice throughout the day so it became very challenging to perform good work after I was already drained.  This lead to may nights of frustration which was why I thought to myself, why dont I just go to sleep now and get up earlier to do the work.  Wow what a difference!

Waking Up Eariler is Like Re-Booting a Computer

As most of us know when your computer starts to act funny and get out of wack there is nothing better to do than to just restart it.  After that the computer is able to startup with nothing else in memory its like having a clean slate.  This was the philosophy that I began to believe in.  What I began to do to in my college years was go to bed around 9:30 or 10 at night and then wake up at 6:30 or 7.  Yes that means that I was getting over the reccomended 8 hours of sleep which was fine or me since it was what my body craved.  Some people need more sleep and others need less its up to you to determine what amout of sleep if good for you.

What I found out to be a good measure of sleep quality was to see if I could take a nap in the middle of the day.  If I was able to just take a quick power nap during the day then I knew I was not getting enough sleep.  Most people will think that a power nap is good and it is but if you want to gain energy for the rest of your day then dont nap, instead to the opposite and to gym or on a run.  This will wake you up and give you more energy and make you healthier 🙂

If You Set an Alarm to Wake Up You are Sleep Deprived

One of the most enlightening things I heard was that “If you set an alarm to wake up you are sleep deprived”.  This was such a new thing for me to hear and I took it to heart.  I started to try and go to bed early so that by the time my alarm would go off I was basically awake in bed not in deep sleep.  This is the first step in making your mornings more productive since you will be much more awake and re-charged for thge day.

Drink Coffee

After you get a good nights sleep the first thing you should do, after having a nice large glass of water ;), is to drink coffee.  Coffee is fantastic for increasing your productivity and if you drink it in the mornings it will act almost like adreniline for your mind.

How I Plan Out My Mornings

Now that you have gotten up early and you drank your coffee you need to get to work on the hardest problems you have as fast as you can.  By starting with the most challenging problems you are able to leverage all of the power of your brian to solve the problem.  If you postponded your hardest tasks for later in the day your brain will already by drained and you might not be able to solve it.  So, get to work on the hardest things first and do the easier things last.

Let me know what makes you productive and how you plan out your day or your sleep schedule.


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