My first Calypso Pull Request

Today was my first ever pull request to Calypso, the Javascript re-make of  Even though the pull request ended up being a duplicate and therefore not getting committed into the master branch I think this was a good step 🙂 Before today I was nervous and intimidated about trying to contributor to Calypso and after going through my first Pull Request I think it broke the ice for me.

What was the Pull Request?

The pull request was meant to fix a very minor issue with Publicize Message info container.  As you hover over the little i icon the message container seems to over flow a little bit to the left.


Since this was such a minor issue I figured that I might as well hop in and try to create the Pull Request to try and fix it.

The Community Response

The WordPress community in general is great and the contributor are nothing short of that.  My pull request receive feedback within the same day and even though it was a duplicate the committer thanked me for my efforts, which is a really great thing 🙂  So the long story short is that even though my first pull request was not successful it helped me learn and also gave me more confidence.

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