Is Atom a viable IDE?

I just came across Atom created by Github and I thought, wow what a great open source IDE let me see if I can use this instead of Coda 2.

The only thing is that it’s not going to easily replace Coda 2 or any other premium IDE right now, but even saying that it is a great tool to use ­čÖé

Initial Thoughts

Atom is the epitime of what it means to be a WordPress developer since it is an open source technology. ┬áNot to say that there aren’t other open source IDEs out there but Atom was used and modifed by Facebook so it must be good…right?

Facebook originally stumbled upon Github’s Atom after trying to use Xcode and failing since its codebase was too large…what!?!?! ┬áSo instead of fighting with Xcode they decided to create a bunch of packages off of Atom and make their own “IDE”. ┬áThis turned out to be great for them and this is why I wanted to use it as well.

Why It is Good

All of the packages available for Atom are great and are all created and maintained by developers for developers, just like any other open source technology.

Some of my favorite featues are:

  1. The ability to see Github changes within the folder tree strucure
  2. Linters in every language
  3. Inspecting parts of the application like a website since it was built on Javascript

I think one of the best things that Atom does is create a foundation for the developer communtiy to create amazing packages so that we can create the IDE we always wanted and customize it however we’d like.

Why do I still use Coda 2?

I think Atom has its own use cases and so does Coda 2 and for me Coda 2 is great for WordPress plugin development that heavily involves syncing to remote servers, like demo and testing sites.

Atom on the other hand I think is great for Node.js and single page applications built on Javascript.  This is why I am so curious about Atom because learning Javascript is #1 on my short list.

Ovearll, I would absolutely give it a try┬á­čÖé

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