iOS Applications

Trade Trainer

Trade_Trainer_Icon_1TradeTrainer, an iOS application, is a virtual trading platform that uses Yahoo! Finance to retrieve stock data. The objective of this mobile application is to provide a trade platform simulator on the go, that is easy to use. It allows the user to look up stocks, create portfolios, and analyze a specific stock or portfolio.

PV Annuity

PV_Annuity1Intuitive easy to use present value financial tool for calculating the PV of an annuity as well as other payment streams including: mortgages, auto loans, lottery payments, structured settlement payments and many others. Customize the loan and payment date to determine the PV of your payment stream.

Putter Pro

Putter_Pro_Appstore_v2Putter Pro is a putting stat tracker app for golfers of all skill levels that will improve your putting game. It works by recording only your first putt on every hole, and then displaying your putting stats at the end of the round. By recording only the first putt, data entry is extremely easy. Once a round is done you can look your overall stats or an individual round, with very powerful filtering options.


BigIconScheduled is an application designed to help a user schedule and manage events.  This app is based off a weekly view, showing the user events by each week.  Also, there is a list feature that allows the user to quickly add tasks on the go.