Installing WordPress to a localhost with MAMP

Ok so you have MAMP installed and working and you want to create you first dummy site to test plugins on.  If you do not have MAMP installed then go to Creating a local developing environment with MAMP.  Lets get right into the steps.

  1. Once you have MAMP installed and working properly, go to and download wordpress.
  2. Copy all the files and place them in your Applications->MAMP->htdocs.Wordpress_install_files
  3. Now open up the MAMP application and start your servers.  This should also open your MAMP backend web page.  From here we need to create a database that our wordpress site can reference.  Go to the phpMyAdmin tab and click the SQL tab.  Then write CREATE SCHEMA `wp_example` into the text area and hit Go.  Once this is done you should see the database on the left sidebar.MAMP_create_db
  4. Once the database is created go to localhost:8888 and go to the folder that has your wordpress files.
  5. This should prompt the configuration screen.  Enter in the information as you see below.  This is assuming you have made the database with the name ‘wp_example’.Wordpress_install_database_config
  6. Once this is done, hit the Run Install button and follow the directions.
  7. Done!

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