Get Notified WordPress Plugin

Get Notified is a simple to use notification plugin that notifies you of certain WordPress events.  It helps users know when certain events happen on their site. For now, the plugin simply sends a notification via email or a message to a Slack channel when a post changes status (i.e. publish, pending, draft, trash).  I hope that others help contribute to this project to expand it and grow the number of integrations and WordPress events.


If you want to contribute please fork the repo on GitHub and send me a Pull Request or just submit a new feature within an issue.  I welcome all types of contributions from documentation to design to development.  I think this can really be a great plugin for WordPress so lets make it together 🙂


If you have any issues with the plugin or you want to report a bug then please create an issue within the Github repo.  I welcome issues and I hope that the community really helps contribute to testing the plugin to make it ready for the masses.


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