Contributing to WordPress Core

I have been wanting to become more involved with WordPress core by contributing code or documentation but it has been a little bit more overwhelming than I first thought.

At the time of writing this post I would not consider myself an active contributor but rather someone who is jut staring out trying to become a great contributor.  I am not really sure how to do this but I will share what I have learned so far so maybe you can not be so overwhelmed.

Why I Felt Overwhelmed

Upon first going to the Make WordPress, where the latest Core tickets are displayed, I was very much overwhelmed.  The sheer number of commenters and people getting involved within each ticket was great but it also made me feel like I was really not able to help out as much as I thought.  What I thought the ticket system looked like was a desert of un-answered tickets with no comments just waiting for someone to help, but what I am realizing more and more is that almost all tickets have comments and are on their way to being closed.  It began to feel like helping out at StackOverflow where everything was a race to see who saw the ticket the fastest and responded the quickest, which is someone I do not want to try and do again.

How Contributing to WordPress Really is not Overwhelming At All

After looking at about 5 – 10 tickets I began to realize that yes some tickets were being handled by the best people out there but others were just left alone.  There were the tickets that I began to research and try to solve since it seemed like they were not catching anyone’s attention.  Once I start to writing my first comments within these tickets I began to gain some confidence and I was then able to create my first patches.  In addition, I was able to learn a lot more about WordPress just by reading some of the comments within the major tickets where all the big names hang out.  So if you want to fast track yourself in learning WordPress start to read over all of the major and high traffic tickets 🙂

I think the main takeaway was that at first contributing to WordPress may seem very overwhelming, but once you get involved, in even the smallest of tickets, you will start to understand how things work.


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