WordPress General Plugin that is Open Source on GitHub

Open Source WordPress Plugin for the Community

As a WordPress plugin developer I understand the struggles that all developers face.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced WordPress plugin developer I hope that this general plugin will help you start your project.  The main reason I have created this WordPress general plugin repository is to give you, the developer, a base to work off of.

Get it on Github

I am constantly improving this general plugin, but please send me pull requests or fork it as you want to help create a great base plugin for everyone to work from.  So check it out on Github!

Comment below with input on how to improve this general plugin.

What applications to use as a WordPress developer?

There are tons of different applications that people use for development, but these are the ones I have found to be the best for me.  I really wish all the applications on this list could have been free, but Coda 2 is such a great tool, I had to include it.  With all these applications I believe you can create some great plugins. Please note that I have a Mac, so this post is based off how these applications run on OS X and Safari. Continue reading “What applications to use as a WordPress developer?”

Installing WordPress to a localhost with MAMP

Ok so you have MAMP installed and working and you want to create you first dummy site to test plugins on.  If you do not have MAMP installed then go to Creating a local developing environment with MAMP.  Lets get right into the steps.

  1. Once you have MAMP installed and working properly, go to http://wordpress.org and download wordpress.
  2. Copy all the files and place them in your Applications->MAMP->htdocs.Wordpress_install_files Continue reading “Installing WordPress to a localhost with MAMP”

Creating a local WordPress developing environment with MAMP

Why do I need a local developing environment?

With a local WordPress developing environment all plugins are stored on your local machine and accessed very easily.  Also, it is much faster to develop locally then constantly saving changes to server files through an FTP account.  So without further ado, to develop locally you need to create a localhost.  A localhost is basically a server that runs on your machine locally.  This is great for developing and testing plugins on a dummy test site before they go live.  Once you have this localhost up and running, it will make your developing process quicker and more efficient. Continue reading “Creating a local WordPress developing environment with MAMP”