Being a Remote Developer: The Three Main Skills

I have been working as a remote developer for the past 3 years now.  I have gone into an office maybe once a month for the past year at my current position but before that I was 100% remote.  The are a lot of things I learned from being a remote developer but here are the main ones, in no particular order.

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Get Notified WordPress Plugin

Get Notified is a simple to use notification plugin that notifies you of certain WordPress events.  It helps users know when certain events happen on their site. For now, the plugin simply sends a notification via email or a message to a Slack channel when a post changes status (i.e. publish, pending, draft, trash).  I hope that others help contribute to this project to expand it and grow the number of integrations and WordPress events. Continue reading “Get Notified WordPress Plugin”

WordPress Application Passwords

Ever since the 4.4 WordPress release laid down the scaffolding for the REST API there has been a need for easy user authentication.  Users needed to access the REST API without having to use their own admin login passwords as well as the ability to stop access with a specific password if it became compromised.  One such solution is the WordPress Application Passwords plugin. Continue reading “WordPress Application Passwords”

Calypso HTTP Request Logging

I have been looking through Calypso a lot recently and I love how all of the HTTP requests are logged to console so that developers can see exactly what requests are taking place.  Since Calypso is built on Node.js they have the ability to use any node module they want and they chose to use morgan. Continue reading “Calypso HTTP Request Logging”

Calypso Page Routing

Calypso is the open source application that Automatic built to port all of the great features you love to a Javascript and Node.js stack.  This is a fantastic application and I have been working with it a little bit everyday now and I wanted to go over calypso page routing was built. Continue reading “Calypso Page Routing”

My first Calypso Pull Request

Today was my first ever pull request to Calypso, the Javascript re-make of  Even though the pull request ended up being a duplicate and therefore not getting committed into the master branch I think this was a good step :) Before today I was nervous and intimidated about trying to contributor to Calypso and after going through my first Pull Request I think it broke the ice for me. Continue reading “My first Calypso Pull Request”

Contributing to WordPress Core

I have been wanting to become more involved with WordPress core by contributing code or documentation but it has been a little bit more overwhelming than I first thought.

At the time of writing this post I would not consider myself an active contributor but rather someone who is jut staring out trying to become a great contributor.  I am not really sure how to do this but I will share what I have learned so far so maybe you can not be so overwhelmed. Continue reading “Contributing to WordPress Core”