Calypso HTTP Request Logging

I have been looking through Calypso a lot recently and I love how all of the HTTP requests are logged to console so that developers can see exactly what requests are taking place.  Since Calypso is built on Node.js they have the ability to use any node module they want and they chose to use morgan. Continue reading Calypso HTTP Request Logging

My first Calypso Pull Request

Today was my first ever pull request to Calypso, the Javascript re-make of  Even though the pull request ended up being a duplicate and therefore not getting committed into the master branch I think this was a good step :) Before today I was nervous and intimidated about trying to contributor to Calypso and after going through my first Pull Request I think it broke the ice for me. Continue reading My first Calypso Pull Request

Contributing to WordPress Core

I have been wanting to become more involved with WordPress core by contributing code or documentation but it has been a little bit more overwhelming than I first thought.

At the time of writing this post I would not consider myself an active contributor but rather someone who is jut staring out trying to become a great contributor.  I am not really sure how to do this but I will share what I have learned so far so maybe you can not be so overwhelmed. Continue reading Contributing to WordPress Core

Headless CMS and the WordPress API

The WordPress 4.4 release is the beginning of the WordPress API and from there developers have been determining how to best use this new API that is being inserted into core over the coming releases after 4.4. A Headless CMS using the WordPress API was one of first applications of this new API and probably the best one. Continue reading Headless CMS and the WordPress API

How To get a WordPress Widget ID for Multiple Instances

Supporting Multiple Widget Instances

Just recently I was developing a WordPress widget, and as I began coding of all my use cases I realized that I needed to be able to support multiple widget instances.  Supporting multiple widget instances is not a big deal, unless you plugin depends on knowing the widget id from the front-end.  By this I mean after your page has loaded, you need to perform client-side scripting that depends on knowing the id of each widget instance.

Where is the Widget’s Instance ID stored?

/** @see WP_Widget::widget */
function widget($args, $instance) {
    echo $this->id;

Continue reading How To get a WordPress Widget ID for Multiple Instances

WordPress General Plugin that is Open Source on GitHub

Open Source WordPress Plugin for the Community

As a WordPress plugin developer I understand the struggles that all developers face.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced WordPress plugin developer I hope that this general plugin will help you start your project.  The main reason I have created this WordPress general plugin repository is to give you, the developer, a base to work off of.

Get it on Github

I am constantly improving this general plugin, but please send me pull requests or fork it as you want to help create a great base plugin for everyone to work from.  So check it out on Github!

Comment below with input on how to improve this general plugin.